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Garment Rental Policy

Garment Rental Policy

Rental Fee: $90


An additional security deposit of $60 will be charged with the rental fee prior to delivery. Upon return of the garment in good condition the $60 security deposit will be returned.



Garment may not be altered in any way and must be returned in its original condition. If garment is returned, altered or damaged, an additional fee will be charged. Please do not attempt to clean the garment yourself as it may result in damage.


Damaged or Lost Garment

Normal wear and tear on garments is expected and won’t incur extra charges. Damage beyond normal wear and tear will result in forfeiture of the security deposit and may result in additional charges, including the cost of supplies and labour required to restore the garment to its original state.


Major damage to the garment, including irreparable tears, or irreversible marks will be assessed at the replacement value of the garment.


Lost garments will be assessed with a lost garment fee of the replacement value of the garment.


What is considered “normal”, “major”, or “other” amounts of wear and tear and damage will be determined at the discretion of Taiga Blossom.



Rental fees are determined on a per piece basis. If the rental time exceeds the agreed upon rental period, a charge of 25% of the rental fee will be added for each additional day.


Garment Delivery

Taiga Blossom provides free delivery of garments within the Yellowknife municipal boundaries.


Garment Return

Customer is responsible for the return of the garment within 24 hours of the end of the rental period, to 216 Niven Drive, Yellowknife.

Late fees apply (see “Fees”, above).

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