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Layering Made Easy

The beautiful colours of Autumn bring with them a drop in temperature that has us all reaching for the coats we closeted away at the end of Winter. While coats will always continue to be an important part of our wardrobe, have you ever considered wearing a cape as an alternative outer layer option?

If you've never tried on a cape, I can highly recommend that you do. Capes have a magical quality that can instantly transform how you feel. When enveloped in a cape's gorgeously draping folds, you can't help but feel beautiful, and whether your style is casual, business, elegant or somewhere in between, there is sure to be a cape for you.

One of the advantages of capes over jackets is that they are easy to throw on over anything. No sleeves to wrinkle your blazer as you head off to that important business meeting. No retrieving the sleeves of your sweater after they bunch up in the arms of your coat. No special yoga positions required like when you try to wrangle your way into a jacket. Plus, there's no denying that capes are just plain gorgeous. So this Autumn, go ahead, be brave and wear a cape.

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