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Magical Winter Weddings

Have you ever dreamed of the perfect, Winter wedding? What would be the key features of this most memorable of events? How does a backdrop of endless, sparkling snow, a fairytale castle and the majestic beauty of the northern lights sound?

Yellowknife, the home of Taiga Blossom has all this to offer and more. From November to April, this spectacular town in the Northwest Territories of Canada, is surrounded by pristine, frozen lakes, Winter scape Taiga forest and crisp, white snow. Late in the evenings, the sky will often explode with the spectacular dance of the Aurora Borealis. 

For two weeks in March, the Snow King Festival takes place in the sparkling snow castle. Days are filled with fun activities for children and adults and in the evenings you can rock the night away at the Ice Bar while dancing and listening to live music. The castle can also be booked for weddings and it provides a stunning backdrop for photography.

The town itself, although remote, is very well serviced. A busy airport offers a selection of flights from a number of  larger cities including Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. There are modern hotels to accommodate you and your guests, restaurants offering a variety of cuisines from around the world, an award winning brew pub (NWT Brewing) and as an added bonus, what I consider to be the best coffee in the world (locally roasted by Barren Ground Coffee). Yellowknife also has a selection of wedding planners, florists and photographers to make for easy destination wedding planning.

To complete the perfect Winter bride ensemble, Taiga Blossom has a beautiful selection of locally made capes, capelets, hand muffs and bridal garters. Or, with advanced planning, we can work with you to create a gorgeous outer layer of warmth to keep you comfortable and looking spectacular.

Whether visiting Yellowknife for your dream, Winter wedding or just to see the majesty of the Aurora Borealis, you are sure to be enraptured by this hidden gem in Canada's Northwest Territories.

Listed below are some of the Yellowknife providers who can help you create your magical Winter wedding.


Event Rentals and Wedding Planners:




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